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OSF Saint FrancisA Hospitals For Hope Partner

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  • OSF Saint Francis is proud to join with Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network as part of the Hospitals for Hope campaign. By registering your decision to be an organ and tissue donor, you can make an impact that will save and enhance countless lives. Please consider becoming a part of the OSF Saint Francis community of registered organ and tissue donors. If you have questions about donation, please visit the Donation FAQ or submit a question.

    Your decision to be an organ and tissue donor can have an impact that changes the lives of countless others. Please, take a moment to REGISTER or REAFFIRM your decision go be a donor and join the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center effort to save lives!

    Recent People to Register

    Pamela W. Yoder Hospital: OSF Saint Francis Praying I can be used if my friend needs me. Mary B. Graham-Buxton Hospital: OSF Saint Francis Save lives ... donate ... Carley M Cotner Hospital: OSF Saint Francis Be a donor, save a life! jason graf Hospital: OSF Saint Francis We will be judged on how we treat others not the things we aquire. Self less acts and compassion are fundamental traits all should strive for.. Esther Chrstina Freiburg Hospital: OSF Saint Francis I would like to get on the Live Donor list and be tested. Can I please be guided thru the process on what appointments needs made for testing. shauna l hartman Hospital: OSF Saint Francis i donated my kidney to my husband in 2006,and will donate my organs when i pass to help those who i KNOW are in dire need. god bless all donors and those who are waiting, kidneytransplant waiting is now up to 8 years.please help... Bryan e Banuelos Hospital: OSF Saint Francis I hope they use my eyes!