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Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network understands and respects the importance of individual privacy. We are committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal information. The information that users provide here is to be used solely for the purpose of registering each user in the State of Illinois Donor Registry.

Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network will not collect any personally identifiable information about you (e.g., your name, address, telephone number or email address) through our websites unless you have provided it to us voluntarily. Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network does not use any programs or applictations to capture e-mails or IP addresses from visitors to our website. Your participation is voluntary and we will not require you to provide more information than is necessary for the purpose of organ and tissue donation registration.

By providing your email, you are giving us consent that we may periodically send you information relating to organ and tissue donation including information on programs, activities, press releases, legislative and medical issues, and news stories. We do not use any personal information you supply us for a profit. We do not now and do not intend to sell, rent or market personal data about you to any third parties for any reason whatsoever. Access by our employees and agents to your personal information is only on a need to know basis on the understanding that this is confidential business information.

Recent People to Register

Pamela W. Yoder Hospital: OSF Saint Francis Praying I can be used if my friend needs me. Marvin D Huffman Hospital: Loyola University Health System Mary B. Graham-Buxton Hospital: OSF Saint Francis Save lives ... donate ... John A O'Toole Hospital: Rush University Medical Center Cuihong Wu Hospital: Rush University Medical Center In loving memory of Jawad's brother, I registered for Gift of Hope at Rush. Carley M Cotner Hospital: OSF Saint Francis Be a donor, save a life! jason graf Hospital: OSF Saint Francis We will be judged on how we treat others not the things we aquire. Self less acts and compassion are fundamental traits all should strive for.. Kimberly Gosell Hospital: University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System Give the gift of life! Taffy E Creviston Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital I have seen the impact this has and it is amazing! Esther Chrstina Freiburg Hospital: OSF Saint Francis I would like to get on the Live Donor list and be tested. Can I please be guided thru the process on what appointments needs made for testing. shauna l hartman Hospital: OSF Saint Francis i donated my kidney to my husband in 2006,and will donate my organs when i pass to help those who i KNOW are in dire need. god bless all donors and those who are waiting, kidneytransplant waiting is now up to 8 years.please help... Kathryn Schroeder Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital Help save lives!! Veronica O Thorsness Hospital: St. Alexius Medical Center Debra S. Sears Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital It only takes a minute to potentially save lives. Sharon L Davis-Devine Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital Help Save Lives LARK L JOHNSON Hospital: Presence Mercy Medical Center GIFT OF LIFE, GIFT OF HOPE, I AM HONORED TO BE A DONOR! Nancy N Beatty Hospital: Methodist Hospitals February 10,2011 @11:32 a.m. , my younger brother's life was saved with a liver transplant. Three years later, 2014, my brother-in-law with liver cancer received a donor's liver also. We can never say enough to thank those donors families. Our prayers Joel D Jackson Hospital: University of Chicago Medicine I am glad taht I can be a part of this initiative to help others. Rhonda A Babic Hospital: Methodist Hospitals Teresa A Allen Hospital: Methodist Hospitals My niece was blessed to receive a heart in 2008. This heart increased her quality of life and allowed her to spend quality time with her family. Organ donation just seems like the right thing for our family. Dana M Kamradt Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital LouAnn Scheelhaase Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital Katelin A Dalton Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital It's a great feeling knowing that one day I may save the lives of others! Carolyn M. Stahl Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital I want to give new life to others. Amy J Workman Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital As a nurse, I am very grateful to be able to take care of so many great people. As an organ donor, I will gladly do the same. Belinda S Durbin Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital 10 years ago I lost my fiancé and I donated his organs to Gift of Hope. I have attended the celebration of life that is held every September in Peoria several times since then. Kathryne M Dilger Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital Makes me glad to be able to be a blessing to another person and allow them to live life. Rhonda Daniels Hospital: Advocate Condell Medical Center Donation is a way for me to keep giving after my life on this earth is complete. My way of giving a gift for another life to continue forward. Melissa A Whetstone Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital I was fortunate enough to receive a pancreas transplant in 2005. I am grateful to my donor and his family. I would want to give that gift to someone else in need. Lisa B Schwarzentraub Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital It's the right thing to do. Out of the ashes arises life! Danielle D Koch Hospital: Blessing Health System Save a life! Marissa B Taylor Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital It is a great cause, everyone is doing it! :) Donya R Austin Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital Madison M Moore Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital "Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more."-Anthony Robbins Julie A Freymuth Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital Pamela R Hulten Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital Be a HERO, Donate the gift of Life! Penny S Shadden Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital I have a friend who was lucky enough to receive a liver transplant over 20 years ago. He has lived to see his girls grow up, get married and is enjoying his first grandchild. Without his donor, this would not be possible. GIVE LIFE! KAYLA M COMBES Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital Stephanie J Hudson Hospital: Carle Foundation Hospital A cousin recently died and donated. The Donation flag over the hospital that weekend was uplifting during that time to many family members. Melissa L Roush Hospital: Blessing Health System